I'm uglyblacksmith
[aka Anita].
Aspiring Game Artist and Illustrator.


Colored half body commission of loppington's OC Rose. :)

If you are interested check my commissions INFOs here!

I decided to post these sketches of my original character Galava, a succubus loli. Hope you like her :)

Anonymous asked: Your drawing/art style is amazing!!!!!

Thank you very much, anon! image

lohkay asked: Beautiful work I just love your style. T-T So happy to have found your blog.

Thank you Lohkay!! I’m glad my art makes you happy, eheh image

random sketch :)

Sakura & Tomoyo

[commissions are open! >click<]

Aaaand here they are, the requests! :)

  1. Kein, gommapane's OC with a custom armor
  2. Noodle from Gorillaz for smlfrybb
  3. Seraphim, hypochondriacdream's OC
  4. My OC Rogiak, a dragon girl, requested by my friend bornbymidnight!
  5. Uyu, milkattack's OC!


AAGHHGH here it is, here is the most precious Bunko art I’ve laid my eyes on. From super talented uglyblacksmith. Thank you, again! Y‿Y

Old art trade with Clau!
I’m glad you like it! image

Wip image